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5 Reasons To Have A Free, No Obligation Consultation With A Specialist Equity Release Adviser

  • As Equity Release is not suitable for everyone, a qualified adviser will firstly assess your personal circumstances, review all your options and then recommend if it is still the right option for you or not. If not, other alternatives will be discussed.
  • With over 300 different products, if Equity Release is suitable for you, the adviser will find the most suitable and most cost effective way to release equity that best suits your needs now and in the future.
  • A qualified adviser will tell you precisely how much equity you can release based on finding competitive interest rates and quotes from the leading providers. The adviser will factor in your health.
  • A qualified adviser, will be able to select plans approved by the Equity Release Council. This means no matter how much you take with the plan you will never owe more than the value of your property.
  • A Free consultation means You do not pay anything to find out from a qualified expert how Equity Release works and can rule it out if it's not for you free charge.

Why Equity Release ?

  • Access to tax free lump sum cash to spend how you wish.
  • You can pay off an existing interest only mortgage.
  • You maintain 100% ownership of your home.
  • No negative equity guarantee or plans approved by the Equity Release Council.
  • You can protect a percentage of your property value for your loved ones.

Common Uses Of Equity Release


Home and/or Garden improvement


Pay of debts (credit cards/loans)


Go on holiday


Gifting to family or friends


Clear Outstanding Mortgage


Help with regular bills

Common Types of Equity Release Plans

Lifetime Mortgage Plans

This plan allow you to release wealth from your property in 2 ways. Either a lump sum or as a regular income.

Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage Plans

In a 'drawdown' facility, where you withdraw money as and when you need up to an agreed limit.

Enhanced Plans

Many plans now allow you to repay what you owe sooner, which helps to keep the overall interest bill down.

Lifetime Mortgage Plans

Equity release can be used to clear an outstanding mortgage, Clear card debt or loan, for home improvement or as a monetary gift to the family